Hard Luck

by Hustle Rose

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released January 24, 2014

CREDITS All songs mixed and mastered by Christian Chiera. With the exception of ‘Far Enough’ which was mixed and mastered by Matt Burnham, and ‘Control’ and ‘Stawberry Taser’ which were mixed and mastered by EPIK Productions. All songs recorded in Chris’ bedroom, with the exception of ‘Far Enough’ which was recorded at Escarpment Sound Studios and ‘Control’ and ‘Strawberry Taser’ which were recorded at EPIK Productions. Thank you to Natasha Bush for lending her voice to ‘Hardest Part’ and ‘No Boundaries’.

THANK YOU to all of our family, friends, and fans that continue to support us.

HUSTLE ROSE is Christian Chiera (Guitar & Vocals), Erin Shields (Bass & Vocals), Sky Sawyer (Drums & Vocals) & Jelly Tizon (Keyboards & Vocals)



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Hustle Rose Guelph, Ontario

Hustle Rose is a Guelph electronic/rock band.

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Track Name: Control
CONTROL You took the bait. Hook, line and sinker. Go ahead and use your head that they put on you to fuel your dread. They raised you this way to believe every word they say, but don’t you see? Take control before you lose what’s yours. Take control before they take it all. You’ll believe it’s inspiration. You’ll never know it’s really duplication. Only we’ll see past the mask that they put up. So come with me.
Track Name: Draw Fire
DRAW FIRE I love you in the morning when we’re both hungover. Why’s this city all so red, and why am I covered in paint. Officer at my door, maybe I should grow up. Or maybe I’ve been raised by a city that’s out of luck.Let’s just break free. I want to be who I want to be. I’m scared in a way. My heart keeps pumping but hey, I can’t sleep. It only works one way. We’ll fix this town someday. And all you ever say is let’s fly away. We’re on a cellular wave,To the end nobody knows. So baby, yeah let’s draw fire, and we’ll be happy, for a while.You look so good when you are with me, but all these days, it’s getting harder to breath. So light my fire. Let’s build up the world and break it again. Every day the same joke. I don’t get the punchline. Everything is so black and white. I just need to colour. Cause I’m tired of your smoking. I want a house on the beach. I want clear conscience dreams. Everyone needs sleep sometimes. All you ever say is let’s fly away. All you ever say is let’s fly away.
Track Name: Piece by Piece
PIECE BY PIECE Bleach blonde locks blowing in the breeze, expensive car, sagging ripped jeans. Saying hi to your regular guys. Your giant shades can’t hide at all, your guilty face. We've got a lot of nerve. We've got a lot of time. We've got a lot of words but we can't seem to find the rhymes. But when we get to you our song will be complete. We'll turn around and tear this town down piece by piece. Spent your teen years maxing out cards. Tattoo your face, can't remember who you are. Wrecking hell at midnight, your fake tan can't hide at all, the smile on your face.
Track Name: Family Ties
FAMILY TIES What is true and what is real? I was born to steal. Hard to find a way stumbling in the dark. I hate this part. I always do what I’ve been told, lock ‘n’ load. Hey, talker bring a gun with you and shut your mouth. Cause I want out this time. I’m sick of family ties. Talk with a gun cause it never lies. What is life and what is this? I was born to live. Hey, Johnny, time to do your laundering. He’s growing up so fast. Can’t help thinking, there’s a way out. Revolution. Look at what I’ve become.
Track Name: Hardest Part
HARDEST PART Hey kid whatcha fighting for? Thinking fast running out the door. Fueled by belief. Need you to be here. Just don't say you're falling away now. And don't say you're falling away now. I've got you. I'll lift you up, so let me in. But don't say you're falling apart. This is the hardest part. Hey kid whatcha running from? Checkered past fill in the gaps. Because when there's nowhere to go, well it's just a low. (Just don't say you're falling away now) (Hey kid whatcha fighting for) (Hold strong, live long). Because your life is on the clock. So come on, let's run together. Just don't say you're falling away now. And don't say you're falling away now. I've got you. I'll lift you up, so let me in. But don't say that life's too hard. Because we run together.
Track Name: Far Enough
FAR ENOUGH Senses like live wire shocks send feeling to my limbs. Awakened by a touch, but we've gone far enough. Let live what is alive, run the course with what is not. I've got a feeling what we have will die with the rising sun. Take me back to that time. Reflect and rewind. Awakened by your touch. But we've gone far enough.
Track Name: Down
DOWN Yeah I’ve been down. We’re all living underground. We are breaking in the sound of a style all wrong. Yeah, I don’t wanna know, wanna know, wanna know. Just believe. In something like a dream. Breathe. For everyone you meet. We’re gonna catch up, so, don’t sing the wrong song. Cause we’re down. So far now. Yeah I’ve been down. We’re all sitting in the lost and found. Cause we are advocates of new sounds. And we just take it one day at a time. We take it one day at a time. We’re gonna catch up. Yeah don’t sing the wrong song. We are gonna live strong. Yeah don’t make the wrong decisions. We’re gonna catch up. Yeah, don’t sing the wrong song. We are gonna live strong. Now don’t read the wrong lines. We’re gonna get it on. Yeah, gonna get what we need, What we need. Get down.
Track Name: Strawberry Taser
STRAWBERRY TASER I am listening. The model gives a speech. It’s hard to hear, but so easy to see. Beat on repeat spin it faster and we’ll lose control. We wouldn’t lie, but I dare you to try and stop us now. We’re gonna lose ourselves. We are gonna fight until we hate ourselves. On repeat, miss a beat and fill. Cause here we go, here we go again. We are the ones who make their seconds count. We would count them, but there’s no one here to teach us how. Beat on repeat can’t you see we are invincible? We don’t count liars cause we’re lying out of control now. Strawberry taser, oh, we don’t think anymore.
Track Name: No Boundaries
NO BOUNDARIES I need this like a soul needs a body as the clock runs out. Don't leave me now. There was a fine line, but it's slowly wearing down. Now we're caught up in a place with no boundaries. I don't know what's in front of me. Running voices into the traces of the melodies that sing.